The winners of Palio 2022


The winners of Palio 2019

The Palio delle Botti di Manciano

The Palio is folklore and in August Manciano gets decorated with the colorful flags of the six Rioni (districts).

The Palio is an amateur competition that unites everyone in the tension of the race, in cheering for their athletes (called pushers), in the joy and suffering for the results obtained.

The Palio divides the town, but in the meantime, it creates a strong cohesion: everyone feels the joy and the happiness and likes dressing with the colors of their Rione (district) during the Sunday parade and the races.

The Palio is a beautiful popular festival.

In short, we really like the Palio !!!


Information and curiosities about the Palio delle Botti di Manciano

The rioni

The 6 Rioni (districts) of the town of Manciano: Borgo, Cassero, Fonti, Imposto, Monumento, Mulinello …

The painted barrels

Each year 6 barrels painted by local artists …

Photo Gallery

The images of the Palio delle Botti di Manciano

Follow the barrel

Some of the barrels painted by the local artists for the Palio delle Botti are exhibited in the restaurants, shops and bars of the town.

Follow the map and play a small “Treasure Hunt”, as a prize you will discover, from barrel to barrel, the winners, the most beautiful curiosities and barrels, getting lost in the streets and alleys of the town!

What are you waiting for? Run to look for them!

Palio delle Botti 24-25-26-27 August 2023









Manciano, one of the most beautiful villages in the Tuscan Maremma, nicknamed “The Spy of the Maremma”, for the 360° panorama that can be admired from the panoramic terrace of the Cassero, a landscape that ranges from the sea to the Apennines, crossing the lush countryside, the woods, the ancient villages and the wonderful islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. 

Lose yourself in the streets of the village admiring its historic buildings, the Church of San Leonardo, the Clock Tower, the Walls, the Fountain of Piazza Garibaldi …