The Pink Trophy

In 2016 a Pink Trophy, reserved for women, was organized for the first time.

The circuit, always with departure and arrival in Piazza Garibaldi, is slightly shorter than that of the pushers (it passes through via Ricasoli, piazza della Chiesa, via L. Madoni and via Cavour) and consists of only one lap.

The teams consist of six pushers.

The first year the competition barrel weighs 85 Kg., but from 2017 it goes to 100 Kg., as for men. Until 2018, each Rione competes alone during the qualifiers and the two best times compete in the final. From 2019, they compete in the same way as men (qualifiers in pairs, semi-finals and final).

Since 2017, with the second edition of the Pink Trophy, the winning women’s team also receives the Cencio (rag) during the award ceremony.

The competition takes place on Saturday evening.

2019 – 4th Pink Trophy 24 August

1st Classified : Mulinello
2nd Classified : Borgo

2018 – 3rd Pink Trophy 25 August

1st Classified : Fonti
2nd Classified : Borgo

2017 – 2nd Pink Trophy 26 August

1st Classified : Fonti
2nd Classified : Cassero

2016 – 1st Pink Trophy 27 August

1st Classified : Cassero
2nd Classified : Imposto