Twinning with Leverano

In 2014, during the “Novello in Festa” event, at the beginning of November, Leverano, a town in the province of Lecce, organized the Palio delle Botti, faithfully reproducing the competition of Manciano.

Since then, every year many people from Manciano reach the town of Salento to attend the festival, taste local food and wines and visit the beauties of the historic center.

In 2015 people of Leverano returned the visit, participating in the Palio of Manciano, together with a show of pizzica from Salento.



Twinning with Gioia del Colle

Since 2019 we have been twinned with the Palio delle Botti di Gioia del Colle, the “City of Primitivo wine”.

The Palio delle Botti in Gioia del Colle, conceived by Claudio Santorelli, was born in 2016, and is a medieval competition that takes place in August. The competing teams represent the wineries of the territory.

In 2019, some pushers from Manciano raced the Palio in Gioia del Colle for the Polvanera and Chiaromonte wineries and then Claudio was our welcome guest during the presentation show of the Palio in Manciano.
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